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At our core, we believe in creating personal experiences and spaces that resonate with you. We understand that your home or workspace is an extension of your personality, a reflection of your values, and a sanctuary where you find comfort and inspiration. We design to transform spaces beyond aesthetics and functionality to create places for you; that evoke emotions, tell stories, and enhance your overall well-being.

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Racha Issam Fadda
Co-Founder/Chief Design Officer
About ZIRA

where Design Meets Function

Racha Issam Fadda
Co-Founder/Chief Design Officer

At ZIRA, we believe that every corner matters, that every corner needs to be designed. And when we are working on the design of your spaces, it is a privilege for us to be designing your home. Your corner must always be where you are most comfortable, where your soul is most relaxed, and making that a reality is what ZIRA is all about.

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We are dedicated to crafting personalized experiences and designs that go beyond aesthetics and functionality.

Interior Design

Our interior design services are tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of each client. We offer a comprehensive range of services, from initial concept development to final installation and styling.

Product Design

Our Product design department works to elevate and upgrade the aesthetic richness to any space, whether we are designing furniture or home accessories. Our designs are custom-made, unique and functional that add value to any space.

Interior Solutions

Our Interior Solution department offers a variety of services to improve living spaces. We specialize in home storage solutions, creating customized options for organization. We also provide home office planning, interior and exterior landscaping, artwork curation, exhibition design, and classroom interior design. Our goal is to create functional and personalized spaces.

OUR projects

Where Design Meets Function

With our adventures in interior design, we look forward to our cultural journeys intertwining and the opportunity to collaborate to create better living experiences, just as we have done for many other projects.

Hayy Jameel

We aimed to create a modern and open space office that promotes productivity, collaboration, and employee well-being through the use of light wood ...

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Historic Jeddah

The historic Jeddah project combined the designs of the urban, interior, and exterior of the old town as part of the Jeddah summer season. This was part of ...

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S Studio

This office layout is designed to have an open floor plan, allowing for seamless collaboration among team members. The use of light wood materials ...

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OUR Collections

Reflecting the Regions
Of Saudi Arabia

With our adventures in interior design, we look forward to our cultural journeys intertwining and the opportunity to collaborate to create better living


A line of mirrors reflecting the heritage and crafts of Saudi Arabia in view of all the cardinal directions and its core center.

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The Historic Jeddah project combined the design of the interior, the exterior and the urban design of the old town as part of ....

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3rd Floor, Office Number 304
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Al Basateen, Jeddah 23719, Saudi Arabia
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