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NN Master Room

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⁠Conceptual Redesign
Interior Design Consultation

The design of this project drew its inspiration from a quintessential Parisian bedroom. Our client desired to capture that particular ambiance in her own space, with a strong focus on intricate gypsum adornments for both the walls and ceiling. We carefully selected the flooring, fabrics, lighting fixtures and wallpaper to harmonize with this theme. The furniture pieces were also chosen to seamlessly integrate with the overall Parisian mood.


Designing a Cohesive Dressing Space: Color Coordination, Complementary Flooring and Ceiling Aesthetics, Detailed Cabinet Paneling, and Strategic Mirror Placement for Enhanced Reflections

Wall Ornaments, Coordinating Wallpaper, and Matching Curtain and Headboard Fabrics Create a Unified Aesthetic.


⁠Echoing Elegance: Wall Panels that Reflect the Main Bedroom's Style, Adorned with Chic Sconces, and a Glamorous Vanity Table and Chair Ensemble for the Dressing Room.

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With our adventures in interior design, we look forward to our cultural journeys intertwining and the opportunity to collaborate to create better living experiences, just as we have done for many other projects.

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