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With our adventures in interior design, we look forward to our cultural journeys intertwining and the opportunity to collaborate to create better living experiences, just as we have done for many other projects.

Hayy Jameel

We aimed to create a modern and open space office that promotes productivity, collaboration, and employee well-being through the use of light wood ...

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Historic Jeddah

The historic Jeddah project combined the designs of the urban, interior, and exterior of the old town as part of the Jeddah summer season. This was part of ...

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Villa MT

This project focused on transforming an outdated villa into a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing home. The interior design was inspired by ...

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Bait Nassif

The goal was to utilize the space to serve the intended purpose and to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space while preserving its historical charm ...

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S Studio

This office layout is designed to have an open floor plan, allowing for seamless collaboration among team members. The use of light wood materials ...

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OJ & TT Residence

During this project, we designed corners that fully reflect the client's personal style, and functional requirements to enhance their overall experiences within the space.

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The O Compound

We opted for functional, attractive and diverse interior designs for this project. Each room served a specific purpose and an intended experience ...

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Apartment Beirut

Incorporation of unique antique pieces was a key aspect of this project. Whether it was an intricately carved wooden cabinet with mother of pearl or a vintage ...

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M Ramadan Tent

The client requested that we create a Ramadan tent that could be easily relocated if desired. In response, we crafted the seating to be ...

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NN Master Room

The design of this project drew its inspiration from a quintessential Parisian bedroom ...

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BF Kitchen

This project aimed to revamp a 25-year-old kitchen into a fully functional space. We partitioned the main kitchen into two sections...

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Other projects

A collection of various projects consisting of corners in different homes and offices.

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